Discover more things to love about great tea.

The New Tea Lover’s Treasury
• by James Norwood Pratt, Published by Publishing Technology Associates, 1999

The New Tea Companion, A Guide To Teas Throughout The World
• by Jane Pettigrew & Bruce Richardson, Published by Benjamin Press, 2008

The Story of Tea, A Cultural History and Drinking Guide
• by Mary Lou Heiss and Robert J. Heiss, Published by Ten Speed Press, 2007

The Tea Enthusiast’s Handbook
• by Mary Lou Heiss and Robert J. Heiss, Published by Ten Speed Press, 2010

The Leaf, Tea Magazine
• A unique quarterly online tea magazine focusing on Chinese teas, authored by experts in the field of international tea manufacture, tea wisdom and philosophy. View issues at:

The World of Fine Teas
• Insights into the expansive world of specialty teas, tea traditions, and unique blends. From the tea authority:
Mark T. Wendell and Grace Tea Companies. View the blog at:

• A gathering of elite tea aficionados and guest contributors, whose essays and reflections on tea go well beyond the mundane and transcend into the realm of high intellect. A gem among tea blogs. View the blog at:

• A well written blog focusing on the health aspects of tea and its importance in our communities. Several entries are guest written by tea industry stalwarts. View the blog at:

Gongfu Girl
• A well-written blog comprised by a team of writers that focuses heavily on Asian-style tea and tea practices. View the blog at:

Teatrekker’s Weblog
• A great blog authored by Bob and Mary Lou Heiss (authors of The Story of Tea), is a fascinating tour through various teas, tea producing countries and related topics. View the blog at:

Reading The Tea Leaves
• One of our well educated tea consultants and tea suppliers, Lydia, has created a blog where she can discuss her 20 years experience with the tea leaf. From personal visits to tea gardens, to her unique experiences with the varying selection of China teas, her descriptions of these events are brought to a level even a tea novice can enjoy. View the blog at:

• Probably the largest online tea community, Steepster has a unique layout that allows tea lovers to discuss their favorite teas. View the forum at:

Walker Tea Review
• A well organized and frequently updated tea review blog. Jason reviews each tea by video allowing you to get a very detailed feel for the selected tea. View the forum at:
• is an online collective of tea lovers and reviewers from across the United States and Canada. Stephen has developed a blog completely unaffiliated with any tea manufacturers or merchants, so the reviews remain 100% unbiased. They have reviewed over 2,000 tea varieties and blends from over 165 companies! View the forum at:

Tea Review Blog
• The Tea Review Blog is an online community of tea lovers and tea reviewers who share their love of tea with one another. Tea reviews are posted quite frequently and cover almost every style of tea you can imagine. (Even some that are rather unimaginable!) View the forum at:

SororiTEA Sisters
• SororiTEA Sisters is a new Tea Review blog co-created by Anne and Jennifer, online friends who have been writing for other tea review sites. They are more than just tea enthusiasts and reviewers. They have a passion for both tea and writing and are dedicated to getting the word out about tea and the tea companies that sell fine teas. View the forum at:

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